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Friends of QMP

The skill that drives you to succeed

ARC Readers

Author Support

We have a huge group of ARC Readers who are offered the opportunity to read the finished book first. All books are sent directly to Kindles, and our readers happily immerse themselves for an agreed period before leaving reviews on a number of social media platforms.  


EToney Designs

Customer Service Representative

Specializing in the dark and mysterious for individuals or publishing companies. Let me help give your book a visual voice and stand out on the shelves.

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Cover Design and Editor

Studioenp is a creative studio formed in 2017 by Emmy Ellis.
Based in North Nottingham (just an hour or so on the train from London Kings Cross) we work closely with authors and publishers from around the globe.
With a plethora of skills ranging from editing, book covers, branding, web design, and marketing, we can deliver you the complete publishing package.


BETA Readers

Author Support

BETA Readers are incredibly important for authors. They are often the first people to read a finished manuscript. Amongst other things, they will give an opinion on whether the story hangs together. They look at inconsistences, continuation or structural issues, and will point out grammatical errors. Our diverse BETA readers each have specific key strengths that help shape the manuscript before anyone else sees it. 

Friends of QMP: Team
Friends of QMP: Text

Meet Our BETA & ARC Readers

Friends of QMP: Team

Helen Shepard

ARC Reader


Amanda Finlayson

ARC Reader


Claire Birkin

ARC Reader

QMP Staff

The Passion Behind the Business

Friends of QMP: Team

Elli Toney

Marketing Designer

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