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Three Little Girls by Jane Badrock

30th November - 6th December

Three Little Girls Book Tour Poster.png

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The Kidnapper's Word by E.J Wood

16th - 22nd November

The Kidnapper's Word Book Tour Poster.png

I Know Your Secret by Jess Roy

1st - 7th November

I Know Your Secret Book Tour Poster.png

Sweet Vigilante by Jim Ody

18th - 24th October

Sweet Vigilante Book Tour Poster.png

Amongst the Mist by M.L. Rayner

11th - 17th October

Amongst The Mists Book Tour Poster.png

The Farmhouse by L.B Stimson

23rd - 29th September

The Farmhouse Book Tour Poster.png

A Lifetime Ago by Jim Ody

21st - 27th September

A Lifetime Ago Book Tour Poster.png

Tales from the Coffee Pot by Jim Ody

31st August - 6th September

Tales from the Coffee Pot Book Tour.png

Guilt by Michelle Kidd

9th - 15th August

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The Reckoning

7th - 13th June

The Reckoning Tour Poster.png

Echoes of Home on Tour

24th - 29th May 2021

Echoes of Home Updated Tour Poster (2).p

Comatose on Tour

17th - 23rd May 2021

Blog Tour Posters(4).png

The Crazy Season on Tour

3rd - 9th May 2021

The Crazy Season Updated Tour Poster.png

Amalie on Tour

14th - 21st April 2021